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I'm Pregnant (or plan to be!), Now What?

With a positive pregnancy test (or ten!) comes a flood of emotions, as well as questions about what comes next and when. You are not alone! Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned parent, early pregnancy is the perfect time to start gathering valuable information for confident decision-making over the next 9 months and beyond. This one-time workshop will highlight everything you want to know to make your pregnancy start off as smoothly as possible:

-Different types of care providers, birthing locations, and how to choose what is right for you.

-Early symptoms, why they happen, and how to deal with them safely.

-How to navigate the necessary lifestyle changes required in pregnancy.

-Your options for tests and exams during the first trimester and how to decide which ones are right for you.

-Anatomy of your pregnancy so far.

-How to communicate effectively with your care provider so that you feel confident and in control at your prenatal appointments.

Anyone pregnant in their first trimester, or hoping to become pregnant soon, is welcome, and may bring one support person if desired. Registration is $25. Email to inquire about registry.